Bindu Giri is a handloom sari brand with quality as the priority every step of the way. The brand’s collective of exquisite kanchipuram saris online are as unique as they are pure, with authentic handlooms drawn from the archival of Bindu Giri’s royal lineage.

Bindu Giri’s works closely with weaver communities to handcraft Kanchipuram silk sarees that are one-of-a-kind and work towards empowering artisans. Bindu Giri’s collective of handloom kanchipuram silk saris are lovingly handcrafted with authentic ingredients and methodologies from start to finish with perfection.

Bindu Giri, armed with an MBA from the University of Chicago, has traversed the fields of banking and business before deciding to take on a reignited passion in design & niche heritage handloom. 

Having been exposed from a young age to exquisite craftsmanship through her royal lineage, she founded her own label and has lovingly nurtured it for over a decade. A keen eye for fine aesthetics, and a passion in textiles have made her brand synonymous with elegance and sophistication. 

Bindu Giri creates saris using a spectrum of hand-made textiles. She works closely with several weaver communities in India, with a crystal clear vision to revive fading textile weaves & vanishing ancient techniques by creating awareness and making a difference to weaving communities across the country. Every piece is a work of art; every design, worthy of worship.