Close your eyes.
Hear the wooden closet door creaking open.
Buttery saris lay in their wooden palace waiting to chronicle their memories.
Listen to the stream of rose tinted water, as it escapes energetically from the wrung silk yarns to the bucket.
In the silence, the rhythmic mantra of a shuttle swiftly sprinting across, completes the warp and weft.
Clinking bangles and clapping looms.
The spiced aroma of wood entwines with the ambrosial scents of silk, bringing to life a bewildering but soul-stirring fragrance.
This is the heart of Bindu Giri.
That heart-warming cultural patronage that threads together narratives.
Threads together lifetimes.


Bindu Giri is a handloom sari brand with quality as the priority every step of the way. The brand’s collective of exquisite kanchipuram saris online are as unique as they are pure, with authentic handlooms drawn from the archival of Bindu Giri’s royal lineage.

Bindu Giri’s works closely with weaver communities to handcraft Kanchipuram silk sarees that are one-of-a-kind and work towards empowering artisans. Bindu Giri’s collective of handloom kanchipuram silk saris are lovingly handcrafted with authentic ingredients and methodologies from start to finish with perfection.


The lovely Kanjeevaram saree done by Bindu Giri is going to join my collection of heirlooms. It is a beautiful intricate weaving of peach and gold. A rare combination indeed. Am proud of my friend’s art and thrilled to be part of her journey. Wishing Bindu all the best in her endeavors.

Kulashree Reddy

Each drape I have bought from Bindu Giri has been spectacular.

Her classy aesthetic that is so part of the saree she designs sets her weaves apart. Wearing a Bindu Giri saree is like wearing an age-old tradition with a modern flair and loads of class!

Gayatri Sriram

Bindu Giri is a brand I’ve collected over the past several years. They’re not like any other saree. They promote your self esteem and confidence to celebrate yourself and the sari. The saris are very attractive and beautiful. The quality of her silks are unbeatable. Her work is so aesthetic and one-of-a-kind and I cherish them

Usha Kannan

I own a Bindu Giri Saree. A dear friend gifted it to me. The colour: a perfect blend of pink and grey. The silk : appropriate for a royalty. The design was so muted that it enhanced my personality without overdoing it. I was wondering where I should wear it. It is so beautiful it suits all occasions. I have worn it to conferences weddings parties important meetings. But most importantly whenever I want to indulge myself and feel a beautiful fabric then it is THE BINDU GIRI. A must for your wardrobe I must say.

Dr. Nilofer Mujawar

Raushni and I absolutely loved the Saree and the blouse from your brand. From helping us choose the right saree for our occasion to designing a stunning and perfectly fitting blouse for it, the whole process was so smooth. The best part about the blouse is that it can be worn with any attire. My daughter loved the fit of the blouse and the sophistication of the saree. Thank you so much for an amazing experience.

Rithika Khanna & Raushni Khanna

Built out of Chennai, India
Looms from across India